Monday, January 13, 2014

My newest collaboration with Guilds founder Bryan Welch for his 10 week workshop, A Bright Dark Room at the Lower East Side Girls Club. A project we will be taking to Haiti in the spring, 2014. Check back for more updates or check out,

Monday, October 28, 2013

Check out my interview with Lab Magazine! What a beautiful publication.

Raw Material: Drawing and Installations now on view from Oct 18th - Dec. 15th in the newly renovated PARSE (previously Parse Gallery). PARSE is a gallery located in New Orleans in a three-story, late 19th century building at 134 Carondelet Street in the Central Business District. This show marks a new direction for the gallery with Co-directors Ricardo Barba and Amy Mackie launching a curator-centric program this fall. Invited curators from around the globe will organize future exhibitions and events in conjunction with PARSE and other artists.

Monday, February 18, 2013

I have newly constructed work on display in a show called Good Place, No Place. On view at the Stamp Gallery, University of Maryland, College Park thru March 6th. More info here.
See more images of the work at my website.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I exhibited reproduction prints of my drawings for the first time ever at the Green Festival in DC this past weekend. All of my frames are custom made by me from the Paulownia tomentosa wood which is grown and milled locally in my home state of Maryland at Mt. Hope Farms. Now that is sustainable! All of my prints are done on Hahnemuhle brand bamboo paper. Hahnemuhle donates to an environmental project every time I buy their paper. It was a blast sharing my work with such eco minded patrons and entrepreneurs. I hope to do it again next year. Please visit my Etsy site for access to everything I was selling in DC. Thanks again for all those who visited my booth.

I was a guest artist at Pearly's Beauty Shop for a Swoon Studio fundraiser of the Transformazium church restoration in Braddock, PA. Can't wait to do it again. Other guest artists included Alina Tenser (on nails), Andrew Poneros (on hair), Billy Mode (on body paint), Natalie Frank (on make-up and hair), Mickalene Thomas (body paint), Molly Crabapple (on projections), Mark Read (on projections), and Ayumi Motegi (also on nails). Find out more about Transformazium and the happenings in Braddock here or see more photos of Pearly's Beauty Salon here. Photo credit goes to Lauren Silberman

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Been working at the ole' Poster Repair shop again. It's just like old times. I really love it! Here's a peek at my next challenge. It's nice to work all day around such good graphic design....classic :). Even the navy had a good eye for color and composition then.